Record Growth for Number of Public Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Georgia Last Year

Record Growth for Number of Public Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Georgia Last Year

Installations surge 29% as 650 new stations were added in 2019.

For Immediate Release | El Segundo, Calif.  (Jan 23, 2020) —  In 2019, the number of publicly available electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in Georgia surged 29% above the combined total for 2011 through 2018, according to California-based EV research firm PlugShare. It represents the single largest recorded increase in the state of Georgia since EVs were first reintroduced to the market in 2011. A record 650 new stations were added last year, bringing the new total through 2019 to 2,897 statewide.

The increase is significant because more public charging locations means EV drivers in Georgia can travel with less worry that their batteries will run out of power before they reach their destinations, a phenomenon the EV industry calls “range anxiety."

According to PlugShare, more EV chargers should also pave the way for solid local growth of new EV sales in 2020. “Our surveys of drivers tell us that range anxiety is one of the biggest reasons new car buyers skip EVs for gas vehicles,” according to PlugShare Chief Strategy Officer, Norman Hajjar. “The cure for range anxiety is more public charging, and Georgia’s charger growth should attract many potential EV buyers who are currently sitting on the sidelines."

While most of the growth came from conventional “Level 2” charging stations that can take hours to fully charge a typical EV, 2019 also saw sizeable growth in extremely high powered “ultra-fast chargers” from Tesla and the Electrify America network, able to complete a charge in well under an hour.

An interactive site listing all public charging in Georgia can be found at PlugShare also maintains the most comprehensive map for EV charging in North America and the rest of the world at, as well as with mobile apps for iOS and Android.

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